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Driftwood - Check out the teaser poster for Paul Taylor's debut feature, Driftwood! driftwoodfinal1
Pious Screenings - March saw the Mexican premier of a Fuzzy Heritage production when A Pious Man played at the Aurora Festival Internacional de Cine de Horror in Gunajuato, Mexico. This never struck us as a horror film and yet it makes perfect sense. In May it screened at the Salón Internacional de La Luz in Bogotá, Colombia. This acceptance was especially meaningful as the festival is curated by directors of photography. A Pious Man was only one of two English-language films to screen there as well. A Spanish subtitled print was screened both here and at the Mexican festival. A Pious Man A screening was held at Videology in Brooklyn in July as part of their Filmmaker Showcase series. This was the first public screening in the United States. Finally, A Pious Man had it's true US festival premiere at the 2014 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival. It played to a fully packed audience, Alex was there for Q&A, and it took home the "Risk Taker" award, meaning it probably upset a few viewers. We like to think it challenged them.
A Pious Man Trailer - Take a look at Fuzzy's Alex Megaro's trailer for his most recent short, A Pious Man.

The Winds That Scatter - The Playlist mentions Fuzzy's Christopher Jason Bell's The Winds That Scatter on their Most Anticipated Films of 2014! Check out the article here!

Tyler Rubenfeld’s Wake Me When I Leave - Our buddy Tyler Rubenfeld's teaser for his upcoming debut feature with cinematography by Fuzzy's Paul Taylor. Check it out!
Christopher Bell on Director’s Notes - Fuzzy's own Christopher Bell on Director's Notes. Check it out here! bridges_01